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How to Choose a On-Site or In-Shop Computer Repair Service

The computer repair services include a range of competencies and prices, and it can take a bit of planning to find the right repair shop that suits your needs and your level of comfort.

On-site or In-Shop Computer Repair Service

Many of the computer repair services are able to accommodate you in two ways: they can work on your computer in the shop, or you can arrange a house call. Much like doctors of old, the house call actually brings a technician out to your home to diagnose the problem with your machine and then fixes it.

In some cases, the house call just provides a way to transport your machine if the tech decides to take it back to the shop for a part, but in general, having the tech come to you gives you more control and confidence over your machine – you can actually watch the technician work and ensure that he’s not accessing private files or wasting your time and money.

However, having the tech make a house call is going to be more expensive, than taking your machine to the shop. sua bien tan In the computer repair shop, you’re leaving your machine which is usually less expensive, but leaving it behind gives you less control over the repair and takes longer – often days – where an in-house repair might take only a few hours.

Computer Repair Service and Safety

Any time you opt to have someone work on your computer, you should be sure to back up your files if at all possible and to remove any files that might be embarrassing or foolhardy. You don’t want your medical and financial documents all over your desktop and you certainly don’t want any awkward pictures popping up for all the computer techs to admire.

This may mean cleaning your computer before bringing in a tech, or it might require a home visit to keep an eye on the process. Taking your computer to a tech repair shop is almost always safe, and you are protected through the paperwork you sign when you hand over your machine. However, all it takes is one rouge employee to violate your safety in that regard.

You wouldn’t hand over the keys to your safety deposit box, and it just doesn’t make sense to hand over all of your tax and financial data on your computer – be smart and put it on an external hard drive or flash drive at the very least.


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