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Dating Girls From Different Cultures

Dating is difficult enough when you and your partner have similar backgrounds. But in the modern world, we are increasingly exposed to people who have very different backgrounds from our own. How can intercultural attraction be prodded along and become an intercultural relationship?

It is important to respect the different rules that different cultures have about dating. If you violate these rules, you’ll risk turning off your potential mate or alienating her family. Even if your date insists that she generally prefers rules of your culture, you would do well to embrace a few of the different traditions that she values too. Showing cultural awareness can be seen as considerate and even romantic. It can also help you win the affections of her family, which will become especially important if your relationship becomes serious. กลุมลับ

Of course, it is impossible to review all of the significant ways in whic h d ating differs across cultures. To start, however, mainstream Americans are generally more permissive than people in eastern countries. In the United States, for example, some physical contact may be acceptable on the first date; hand-holding and a good-night kiss are not frowned upon. In contrast, Koreans tend to date from an early age, but they may not be comfortable with kissing or hugging, especially if strangers can witness such affection. Some Middle Eastern cultures do not permit dating or even male-female friendships outside of the family.

In the United States, a man will sometimes approach a woman’s father to request his blessing for their marriage. This is typically a formality; if the father does not approve, the woman may still choose to marry her beau. In other societies, however, the family plays a significant role in determining whom another family member will date. It is assumed that the selected individual will spend a large amount of time with the family; avoiding attendance at family events would be considered insulting. And in other societies, it is considered completely inappropriate for anyone outside of the family to attend family affairs!

Clearly, the variety of human societies and their dating rules adds layers of complication to a couple’s courtship. If you are considering taking intercultural attraction to the next level, then do your homework for the best shot at success.


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