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A More Complex Back Linking Strategy Worth Considering

Is your website stuck in ranking and hasn’t moved in weeks? This could be because your back linking strategy is not working and you might need to use a different approach. If you are sure that your website is optimized properly for its keywords and your linking methods aren’t working, I strongly suggest you pay attention to what I have to say here.

Some websites in certain niches are going to require more care and a different back linking approach than others. Article directory links coming from a few places just might not cut it and you are going to need to get a variety of links from more authoritative websites in order to move your website up the rankings. Here’s what I would do… 구글광고대행

1.) Set up a few satellite websites and have those on an automated RSS feed plug-in. This will ensure they pull in content constantly and establish a little authority in the niche themselves. A well placed link in the sidebar and in the content and over time these websites will give your website a lot of PR juice.

2.) Use other already established blog networks like WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Friendster, and LiveJournal to give your website even more authority. Set up an account and put unique original content on them at least weekly…again with links pointing back to your main website.

3.) Use press releases and many of them. Write 10 press releases and submit one each week for the next 10 weeks. Make sure that each press release targets different keywords and use different anchor texts when linking back to your website. There are many free places on the internet where you can submit your press releases for free.

4.) Create audio and video releases of your articles and submit them to all of the different audio and video websites there are. This may seem difficult but once you figure out how to do it, it is very simple and will really be effective in pushing your website up the SERPS.

5.) Back link your back links. Bookmark everything you do and make sure that you pick up links to all of the different places you have linking back to you. This may seem pointless and a waste of time because you might want to use that time to pick up back links only to your main site, but it will be more effective than you think. Profile links work great for this.


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